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They say, thoughts make a man but it is his emotions that drive him. Ashis and his twin brother Debashis Kabasi, both diagnosed with deaf-mutism, didn't let their shortcomings deter them from their passion.
Born and brought up in Kolkata, at the age of 4, their father took them to a temple in Dakhineshwar, where they saw soldiers and a military tank. Curious about what they saw, their father explained to them through gestures about war between India and East Pakistan and the tank that was there to shoot down enemy fighter planes. The twins who had no clue about war and destruction, imagined an entire scenerio on their own and painted it on their apartment wall. Little Ashis drew the soliders and the tank shooting at the sky while Debashis, standing on his brother's shoulders drew the sky with attacking enemy planes.
Their work was immediately noticed by a neighbour cum eminent artist Mr. Ramen Acharaya. He was so impressed by their talent that he decided to become their mentor. He encouraged the twins to take part in various art competitions and they won every one of it. Under his guidance, the twins developed their own style of art. This was proved, when they had drawn a scene from a railway tragedy they had witnessed. Their work was featured by the leading newspaper next day. They were only 10 years old that time.

In 1975, the brothers participated in All Bengal Art Competition, organised by Jawahar Sishu Bhavan. They secured first and third positions and the Director of the institute admitted them into his institution under full scholarship.
In 1980, the brothers were admitted to the Government College of Art and Craft. There, they secured their BFA degree with First Class First and First Class Second ranks.
In 1986, the brothers did their MFA from the prestigious Visva Bharti University, Shantiniketan. They secured First Class First and First Class Third ranks.

From 1988 to 1990, the brothers were involved in research of various forms of art. They excelled in Sculpting, muralling, modelling but their favourite was abstract expressionism. They believe that abstract art puts more emphasis on free and spontaneous personal emotional expressionism and they can utilize considerable freedom of methods and techniques depicting sensuousness, dynamism, violence, happiness, mystery, lyricism, action painting, delicate, imagery, fluid shaping calligraphic pictures.
Their works have been acclaimed by eminent artists and celebrities of the cultural world and elites of the society. In recognition of their art, they are honoured with Awards and Scholarships from different organizations. Their paintings has been purchased by many Art lovers of India, especially abroad. They also participated in many solo and group Exhibitions organized by different Art Galleries of India and abroad.

The brother's works were featured in leading newspapers, magazines and news.

Admired by Late Shri. Satyajit Ray - Famous film director.

Translation - I have seen the works of the deaf and dumb brothers, Ashis and Debashis Kabasi and like them very much. My blessings to the twins.
- Satyajit Ray

With Famous Personalites

- with Mrs. Vimla Sharma

Wife of Late. Shri Shankar Dayal Sharma - Former President of India

- with Late Shri. Madhavrao Scindia

Eminent politician

- with Smt. Mahasweta Devi

Eminent writer and social activist

- with Late Shri. Bal Thackeray and Shri. Uddhav Thackeray

Eminent Politician at Shiv Sena, Maharashtra

- with Shri. Mithoon Chakraborty (Eminent Actor and entrepreneur) and Shri. Sujit Bose (Eminent Politician)

- with Late Shri. Jyoti Basu

Former Chief Minister of West Bengal

- with Shri. Kamal Hassan

Eminent Actor

-with Shri. Anil Chatterjee(Eminent actor), Shri. Arun Chaterjee(Eminent poet), Smt. Aloka Chaterjee(Eminent poet)

- with Shri. Aroon Purie (CEO, India Today Group) with wife Smt. Rekha Purie

- with Smt Anjali EIa Menon(Eminent artist), Shri. Aman Nath (Art critic)

- with Shri. Tushar Talukdar

Former Police commissioner

- with Smt. Ina Puri (Eminent writer) and Shri. Manjit Bawa(Eminent artist)

- with Smt. Rakhi Sarkar (Director, CIMA)

- with (front row) Shri. Subhash Ghai (Eminent film director), Shri. Laxman Shrestha (Eminent artist), Shri. Vishwanathan Anand (Chess Grandmaster)

- with Shri. Wasim Kapoor

Eminent artist

- with Shri. Laxman Shrestha

Eminent artist